Welcome to the new Liuwina.dk

Welcome to the new Liuwina.dk

Hello everyone and welcome to my new and improved website.
For my first post, I'd like to quickly say THANK YOU for coming to my website, and thank you for your support! I am really happy that you are here, reading this now! Without YOU there would be no Liuwina! So Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

My old website had a news page, which I couldn't transfer to the new page, so I decided to copy the old updates I did, into my first blogpost, as a way of keeping my history. So without further ado, here are all my old updates. 
Thank you <3
~ Liuwina

~*Novemberl 12th 2015*~
Liuwina.dk has been REVAMPED!
New page design and Logo.

About a year ago I founded the band called Aurora, and I have been playing gigs with them in Tokyo for about a year.
Aurora consists of Liuwina, Shin, Sanae and Alex. Supported by Kenji and Masahiro on Bass.
Liuwina.dk will now also feature news about Aurora! So keep an eye out for news on gigs, new releases etc.

Liuwina has released a new single on iTunes. Get your copy of "Guiding Star" HERE!

Aurora Upcoming LIVE performances:

November 15th @ The Crawfish, Akasaka, Japan
Something Good! Pops Special
Door opens 18:30
Live Start 19:00
Door Charge: 1500 Yen
2 bands playing Tim Toishi and Aurora.
Aurora starts at 20:00
For more information please click here

November 28th @ GAMUSO, Asagaya, Japan
Door opens 16:00
Live Start 18:30
Door Charge: 1500 Yen
18:30~19:00 Negative Zero 19:15~19:45 VERNACK 20:00~20:30 CAUSE OF GRIEF(JAPAN MIXTURE METAL) 20:40~21:10 Aoura 21:20~22:00浅倉玲音 22:10~22:40Grand Delinquents
For more information please click here

~*April 30th 2014*~

ANNOUNCEMENT: Upcoming LIVE performance!

May 4th @ MISMATCH Ikebukuro, Japan
"That's Dream Collection~あいどり~む~"
Doors Open: 17:00
Show Starts: 17:30
Show Ends: 21:30
I will be on stage at 20:00!!

Directions HERE

Tickets: Pre-order 3000 Yen (1 drink included)
On day sale: 4000 Yen (1 drink included)

To preorder tickets CLICK HERE
Join the event on Facebook CLICK HERE (you have to LOG IN to facebook)

I can't wait to see you all at the concert!
Let's fire up the crowd!

~*February 23rd 2014*~

Upcoming Live Performance!

March 2nd @ Mismatch Ikebukuro, Japan.
"That's Dream Collection~第1部『カラバト』~"
Doors open at 14:30, the show starts at 15:00 and ends at 17:00
I will be on stage as number 7, at 16:00!!

Tickets preordered are 2500 yen (one drink included)
Tickets at the door are 3000 yen (one drink included)

Please preorder by visiting my Facebook event and set yourself as "attending".
I will then add you to my guest list, and on the day of the Event,
you just have to say that you are on Liuwina's guest list, and your name.

After the Event, I would like to hang out with everyone, who came to see the show, let's go out for some food or Karaoke!

~*February 6th 2014*~
To my dearest supporters, I want to apologize for not updating this homepage for a while.
A lot of things has happened in my life, since my last update!

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! I hope you have your New Year's resolutions sorted out and that you may have a great new year!
My new years resolution this year is the same as last year "To never give up on or stop fighting for my dreams, and to stay healthy".
I have updated my blog recently with a thorough description of all that has happend during the past 6 months, you can find it here.
Though I will include a brief summary in this update as well:

In August, I participated in "The World Karaoke Grand Prix (Ani-song Ed.)" in Nagoya.
I am pleased to say that I came in second and won a nice camera. It was a lot of fun.
Unfortunately something happened that laid a damper on my happiness, my dear grand-aunt (younger sister of my grandfather), died of lungcancer the very next day. Needless to say I was in chock. I returned to Denmark for two weeks in order to attend her funeral.
I then came back to Japan, and a few days later, my friend came to visit me from Denmark. We climbed Mt. Fuji and travelled to Okinawa together.
After she went home, my sister came to visit me, and we also travelled around Tokyo area and had fun. Later my boyfriend finally came to Japan to visit me, and we had 14 days of fun and travelling, before I recieved grave news from back home.
My grandmother, 80 years old, had been rushed to the hospital on the 16th of October, with a dissected aorta. They could do nothing to help her, but make her bloodpressure stabile and low, and give her painkillers and blood thinning medicine. When I heard the news, and understood the gravity of the situation, I left everything, including my boyfriend, in Japan and went back home on the first flight out of Japan.
I had 5 days by her side, 5 days full of painfully happy moments with her. She was still fully functioning mental wise, but she was not allowed to leave her bed at the hospital. It was beautiful to see how many of us, her family, who came to see her every day at the hospital. She was NEVER alone, that is how loved she was by us. She fought on, clinging to life, until my boyfriend was able to get his ticket changed and come back to Denmark as well. He and my grandmother had become very close while I was away, he was teaching her how to use the computer and write e-mails. She had wanted to learn so badly.They had had so much fun together. He came back, and we went straight to the hospital, it was the 26th of October. She seemed to be getting better, we were full of hope. The doctors had said that she might survive it for a while, that the body might find a way to close the tears in the aorta, and let her live with the condition for a while, we bid her goodnight and told her that we'd come to see her in the morning, we where sure that she'd be there...on Sunday morning October 27th 2013, my grandfather called me with the grave news, she had gone to sleep and stopped breathing around 5.30 am. She was gone.
This was devastating to me and my family. And it has been so hard to cope with the loss of her, even writing this is making me cry. I miss her so much.

I hope that you can all bear with me, for not updating for a while. But I will try to become stronger and not give up. My grandmother told me this on her deathbed. To never give up, and to go for my dreams! "Before you know it, it is too late" she said to me.
I am writing a song in her memory, called "Guiding star", chanelling my feelings into this song. I hope you will like it.
More to come later.
With love, #NeverStopDreaming

~*In Memory of Birthe Haeklund, beloved grandmother, mother, wife, and friend. You will never be forgotten!*~

~*June 23rd 2013*~
My dear supporters, I am happy to announce that I, once again will appear in:

"That's Dream Collection" vol.18 The artists of the future Live concert
At the Mismatch venue in Ikebukuro (Tokyo, Japan).

Sunday July 7th, doors open at 16.00
Tickets on presale costs 2500 yen (one drink included)
At the venue the price is 3000 yen (one drink included)

For more information and to join the fun  click here 

Please note: Those who join via the facebook event, will get the "presale" price. Just say my name and yours at the entrance. Please reply to the facebook event before July 6th!
Thank you <3

If you want to see the footage from the first live show, the 5th of May, you can find it on my Youtube page by clicking here.

~*April 6th 2013*~
I am happy to announce that I will be performing 2 of my songs the
"That's Dream Collection" vol.16 The artists of the future Live concert
At the Mismatch venue in Ikebukuro (Tokyo, Japan).
Sunday May 5th, doors open at 16.30
Tickets on presale costs 2500 yen (one drink included)
At the venue the price is 3000 yen (one drink included)

For more information check out my facebook page.

I am so excited about this, it will be the first time I perform my own songs for an audience in Japan.
I really hope people will like my songs!

~*March 1st 2013*~
I proudly present my new homepage!


At the moment this site is still under construction, but keep checking back for more.

Check out my music at Reverbnation while you're waiting :)

Please leave a message in my guestbook! Thank you <3